eLSE: Call for papers


In perioada 17-18 aprilie 2008 va avea loc la Bucureşti, la sediul Universităţii Naţionale de Apărare Carol I a 4-a Conferinţă Ştiinţifică cu participare internaţională eLSE: e-Learning and software for education. Tema conferinţei este: e-Learning network based education – student oriented. Data limită pentru înscriere: 22 ianuarie (http://adl.unap.ro/else).In the line of the previous three editions, the purpose of the annual eLSE conference is to promote e-Learning related activities by providing a forum for exchange of ideas, presentation of technical achievements, and discussion of future directions.

Since 2005, more than 300 authors, both Romanian and foreigners, have used this conference to share their lessons learned, progress in software development and research results on e-learning topics such as: build up functional learning management systems, knowledge databases, computer aided assessment tools and standardized digital content

The event is organized by the Advanced Distributed Learning Department, and it is part of a fruitful effort aimed to improve the quality of learning for the “Carol I” National Defence University students.
Well known companies promoted their products during eLSE conferences, in the form of Corporate Showcases, Corporate Demonstrations, and other types of presentations.

Past successes have taken the eLSE to a new dimension and the theme of this year’s conference is: 

    "e-Learning network based education – student  oriented."

Papers describing original works on applicable solutions in the field of educational processes, theories, methodologies, and software solutions are invited for presentation in the conference.

Registration and all other details are published on the web page http://adl.unap.ro/else or provided on request via e-mail: else@unap.ro.

Cătălin Radu
Cătălin Radu
The Romania ADL Partnership Lab, through the "Carol l" National Defence University's Romanian Advanced Distributed Learning Department (RoADL-D), seeks to collaborate with ADL on developing technical frameworks and standards in national and international contexts, with participation from government, industry, and academia. The RoADL-D vision centers on a “Network Based Education – Student Oriented” concept as part of its core mission to develop and manage multilevel, standardized, online learning curricula according to ADL principles. The RoADL-D promotes e-learning and e-training for civilian and military personnel for lifelong learning and military education. The department is involved in research projects developed at the national, European Union (EU), and NATO levels, and offers expertise on creating SCORM 2004-compliant educational content, authoring tools, and integrated systems for education and training.


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