ICVL 2010: Proceedings of The 5th International Conference on Virtual Learning


Continut: 78 lucrări ştiintifice de cercetare-dezvoltare (ISSN 1844-8933, Nr. 2689/2010, Editura Universităţii din Bucureşti, Editori: Marin VLADA, Grigore ALBEANU, Dorin Mircea POPOVICI)
Coordonare proiect: Universitatea din Bucureşti, Conf. dr. Marin Vlada
Obiective: Phase II – Period 2010-2020: e-Skills for the 21st Century, Modele şi Metodologii, Tehnologii şi Solutii Software
Continut: 78 lucrări ştiintifice de cercetare-dezvoltare (ISSN 1844-8933, Nr. 2689/2010, Editura Universităţii din Bucureşti, Editori: Marin VLADA, Grigore ALBEANU, Dorin Mircea POPOVICI)
Premii ICVL 2010: 2 lucrări – The ICVL Award is offered in recognition of ICVL papers published within in "Proceedings of the International Conference on Virtual Learning" (Sponsored by Intel Corporation)

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1    2010: Year of Mathematics in Romania and Centenary of Romanian Mathematical Society. An unique Journal in the world: Mathematical Gazette at 115 anniversary

Marin Vlada   
2    The Potential of Collaborative Augmented Reality in Education

Marin Vlada, Grigore Albeanu
3    Serious Games in the Life Long Learning environment.
Games and Learning Alliance Network of Excellence

Alessandro de Gloria, Ion Roceanu
4    Visual Identity of a Business

Doina Muntean
5    OER – craving for success in a timeless, border free zone

Maria-Magdalena Popescu
6    Impact of Internet Use in Teaching  and Classroom Management Process

Roxana Enache
7    Competencies, roles and responsibilities of teachers in terms of new informational technologies

Roxana Enache
8    Assessment of Blended Learning Education – Students’ Opinion

Margarita Pehlivanova, Zlatoeli Ducheva, Snejana Dineva    72
9    Accepted Strategy for the Further Development of Blended  E-Learning: Tk-Yambol Case Study

Snejana Dineva, Veselina Nedeva
10    Educational software. Types of soft

Valeriu Ştefănescu
11    New Connections between Modernity and Tradition in the Teaching Process. New Connections between Different Fields of Science

Silvia Moraru, Ioana Stoica, Cristina Miron
12    Interactive Conceptual Maps Part of Constructivist Environment for Advanced Physics Teaching

Florentina Iofciu, Cristina Miron, Stefan Antohe
13    Understanding digital divide as a form of cultural and social reproduction

Silvia Făt
14    Development of Foreign Language Learning System Focusing on Speaking and Evaluation of the Effectiveness

Ikuo Kitagaki

15    A Use Case Analysis for Learning in 3D MUVE: A Model Based on Key e-Learning Activities

Indika Perera, Colin Allison, Alan Miller
16    A new didactical model for modern electronic textbook elaboration

Elena Railean
17    Ontology Learning from Text Based on the Syntactic Analysis Tree of a Sentence

Andreea-Diana Mihiş
18    Ontology for an E-learning model

Ţolea Enikö Elisabeta, Costin Aurelian Răzvan

19    E-Counselling. Study Case for Romania

Stan Emil, Eftimie Simona Georgiana, Mărgăriţoiu Alina
20    Computer modeling in Physics’ experiments

Carmen – Gabriela Bostan, Ştefan Antohe
21    An Approach to Ontology Development in Human Resources Management

Anamaria Szekely
22    Developing Pedagogical Competence Students Through Blended Learning

Margarita Pehlivanova, Zlatoeli Ducheva
23    Sounds experiments by using Microsoft Office Live Meeting 2007

Mihaela Garabet, Cristina Miron, Florin Popescu
24    Learning from the Stream. An "M" Case Study: M for microblogging, m(y)-conference/m(y)-event, and micro/m(y)-learning

Gabriela Grosseck, Carmen Holotescu
25    Balancing Dynamic Overload in Moodle  E-Learning Servers  by Virtual Means

Eduard Mihailescu
26    A method of measuring the complexity of a web application from the point of view of cloning

Doru Anastasiu Popescu, Catrinel Maria Dănăuţă, Zoltan Szabo
27    Usage of the Artificial Neural Networks in the  Intelligent Tutoring System

Gabriela Moise
28    Promotion of Educational Services – Challenge or Necessity?

Viorica Scobioală, Dorin Ţifrea, Mihai Dragomir
29    Learning styles in technology enhanced education: latest trends and a case study

Elvira Popescu
30    Role of the Movie Maker program in Physics experiments

Cătălin Chiţu, Cătălin Măciucă, Ştefan Antohe
31    Some aspects of the global IT learning solutions and international certification opportunities in the Republic of Moldova

Sergiu Tutunaru, Eng. Vitalie Boico
32    An agent-based serious game for entrepreneurship

Mario Allegra, Giovanni Fulantelli, Manuel Gentile, Dario La Guardia, Davide Taibi, Gianluca Zangara
33    Methodological aspects of pedagogical e-tests

Tudor Bragaru, Ion Craciun
34    The king is dead! Long live the king!

Elena Liliana Danciu
35    Blended Learning Environment in Vocational Education

Mehmet Şahin
36    Virtual Training Centre for CNC: An Accomplished Cooperation Case

Süleyman Yaldiz   


37    ABBYY recognition technologies – ideal alternative to manual data entry. Automating processing of exam tests

Marin Vlada, Ivan Babiy, Octav Ivanescu
38    MEDIAEC Platform. Digital Television for Education and Research

Diana Chihaia, Adrian Istrimschi
39    Overcome Disadvantages of E-Learning for Training English as Foreign Language

Veselina Nedeva, Emilia Dimova, Snejana Dineva
40    Ontological Library Generator for Hypermedia-Based E-Learning System

Eugen Zaharescu, Georgeta-Atena Zaharescu
41    GiSHEO: On-line Platform for Training in Earth Observation

Dana Petcu, Silviu Panica, Marian Neagul, Marc Frincu, Daniela Zaharie, Dorian Gorgan, Teodor Stefanut, Victor Bacu
42    Towards Educational Animation as a Service

Liviu Beldiman, Nicolae Jascanu
43    Learn about finding jobs from digital storytelling and ePortfolios through the L@JOST project 

Simona Sava, Laura Malita
44    Prospective Topography of Mobile Learning Solutions

Veronica Ştefan, Ioana Stănescu, Ion Roceanu, Eugenia Mincă, Antoniu Ştefan
45    A Comparative Study of Three Speech Recognition  Systems for Romanian Language

Daniela Şchiopu
46    Intelligent CMDS Medical Agents with Learning Capacity

Barna Iantovics, Marius Marusteri,Roumen Kountchev, Constantin-Bala Zamfirescu, Bogdan Crainicu
47    On the Using of CAD Tools in Teaching  Computer Organization Courses

Abdakarim Awad
48    Enhanced Online Learning with Simulations and Virtual Worlds

Ioana A. Stănescu, Antoniu Ştefan, Felix G. Hamza-Lup,  Veronica Ştefan
49    Virtual Collection of Minerals

Simona Marilena Ilie, Gheorghe C. Popescu, Antonela Neacsu, Loreta Munteanu
50    Creation of a Graphic Data Base for the Students’Education in Clothing Technology

Magdalena Pavlova


51    Artificial Intelligence Applied in Computer-Assisted Students Evaluation

Mihaela Oprea
52    Online Collaborative Education Management Tool

Adrian Florea, Arpad Gellert, Anghel Traian, Delilah Florea
53    Sink web pages of web application

Doru Anastasiu Popescu, Zoltan Szabo
54    Selecting an Optimal Compound of a University Research Team by Using Genetic Algorithms

Florentina Alina Chircu

55    Evaluating research projects using a knowledge-based system

Florentina Alina Chircu, Elia Georgiana Dragomir
56    Teaching Performance Evaluation Using Supervised Machine Learning Techniques

Elia Georgiana Dragomir
57    Efficient Management of Medical Image Databases, Based on Inverse Pyramid Decomposition

Roumen Kountchev, Barna Iantovics, Roumiana Kountcheva
58    Visual Basic Applications to Physics Teaching 

Catalin Chitu, Razvan Constantin Impuscatu, Marilena Viziru
59    The Optimal Refactoring Selection Problem – A Multi-Objective Evolutionary Approach

Camelia Chisăliţă-Creţu
61    The Refactoring Plan Configuration. A Formal Model

Camelia Chisăliţă-Creţu
61    Second game – the spirit of adventure (Joc secund aventură a spiritului)

Coman Florin Alexandru, Avădănei Andrei, Adoamnei Andrei, Giorgie Vlad Daniel, Costineanu Raluca, Chira Liliana, Carmen Popa
62    Online Visual PHP IDE

Coman Florin Alexandru, Avădănei Andrei, Adoamnei Andrei, Giorgie Vlad Daniel, Costineanu Raluca, Chira Liliana, Carmen Popa
63    Web Security Platform (W.S.P)

Coman Florin Alexandru, Avădănei Andrei , Adoamnei Andrei, Giorgie Vlad Daniel, Costineanu Raluca, Chira Liliana, Carmen Popa
64    New Database Manipulation Tools in the Easy Learning on-line Platform

Radu Rădescu, Andrei Davidescu
65    Security and Confidentialityin the Easy Learning on-line Platform

Radu Rădescu, Andrei Davidescu


66    Using statistical software and Web Technologies in analyzing information on detection and monitoring of somatic and psycho-behavioural deficiencies in children and adolescents

Marin Vlada, Adriana Sarah Nica
67    Increasing teachers’ creativity through Game-Based Learning

Bogdan Logofatu, Anisoara Dumitrache, Mihaela Gheorghe
68    The Physics Laboratory between Modernity and Tradition: Virtual Experiments and Modern Methods of Acquiring Data

Ioana Stoica, Silvia Moraru, Florin Popescu
69    Aspects Related to Learning Content Management Systems

Iuliana Dobre
70    PyAlg: An Algorithm Learning Platform

Radu Drăguşin, Paula Petcu
71    The use of e-learning platforms, the way to increase quality and efficiency in studying Physics

Luminita Dinescu, Maria Dinica, Cristina Miron, Emil Barna
72    The promotion of active and creative learning within the context of using information technology

Maria Dinica, Luminita Dinescu, Cristina Miron, Emil Barna
73    Advantages of using the software facilities in the study of  design – based engineering courses

Raluca Maria Aileni, Mioara Cretu
74    3D shape recognition software used for classification of the human bodies

Aileni Raluca Maria, Ciocoiu Mihai
75    Supervised Learning Techniques for Virtual Military Training

Elena Şuşnea
76    About virtual interactions with real objects

Mihaela Garabet, Ion Neacşu
77    Modern Perspectives in using LMS

Radu Cătălin
78    Mobile Learning: A 21st Century Approach to Education

Radu Cătălin, Stănescu Ioana

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