ELSE 2007 – E-Learning and Software for Education


The 3rd International Scientific Conference „E-Learning and Software for Education” will take place in Bucharest, on April 12-13, 2007. This major scientific event is organised by the Carol I National Defence University. The main topic of ELSE 2007 is E-learning Capabilities and Perspectives. Educational and Technical Dimensions.

The eLSE conference series started in spring 2005 and will to continue in 2007 as well, as an international forum designed to facilitate the exchange of information and ideas on the research, issues, developments, and applications of a broad range of topics related to e-Learning.

The efforts of the professors, researchers and corporations efforts for optimizing the educational process through e-learning are the major event in our days teaching at academic level.

From this perspective we have decided that the main topic of our conference should be

    "E-learning Capabilities and Perspectives. Educational and Technical Dimensions",

with emphasis on viable, applicable solutions in the field of educational process and didactical activities management in e-learning.

The conference is particularly focused on:

  • Acting in the present, thinking for the future. Using e-learning tools in didactical process.
  • From e-learning objects to educational objective. Digital content development based on repository capabilities.
  • Educational management tools that can be applied to distance learning.

Although ELSE encourages commercial participation, it is not a trade show, and there is not a formal exhibition. Instead, the conference uniquely relates and displays commercial activities throughout the ELSE program in the form of Corporate Showcases, Corporate Demonstrations, and other presentations by companies.

The 2007 ELSE Conference "E-learning Capabilities and Perspectives. Educational and Technical Dimensions" will take place on the 12-13 April 2007, at the "Carol I" National Defence University, Bucharest. (Contact point: Advanced Distributed Learning Department)

For more information, enter on our web site at the address: http://adl.unap.ro/else or e-mail us at else@unap.ro

Cătălin Radu
Cătălin Radu
The Romania ADL Partnership Lab, through the "Carol l" National Defence University's Romanian Advanced Distributed Learning Department (RoADL-D), seeks to collaborate with ADL on developing technical frameworks and standards in national and international contexts, with participation from government, industry, and academia. The RoADL-D vision centers on a “Network Based Education – Student Oriented” concept as part of its core mission to develop and manage multilevel, standardized, online learning curricula according to ADL principles. The RoADL-D promotes e-learning and e-training for civilian and military personnel for lifelong learning and military education. The department is involved in research projects developed at the national, European Union (EU), and NATO levels, and offers expertise on creating SCORM 2004-compliant educational content, authoring tools, and integrated systems for education and training.


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