eLearning Papers just released its 33rd issue entitled MOOCs and Beyond

Is there a future for MOOCs in Europe? Will this historical movement in Open Education have a lasting resonance in the digital age? To what extent can MOOCs engage users socially? How well can they promote entrepreneurship education? Find out this and more in this latest issue of eLearning Papers.

The large number of people enrolling in MOOCs, coupled with university interest in expanding online content, has put this new model in the spotlight. The term MOOC dates from 2008, developed initially as a pedagogical experiment focused on creating a more connected and democratic learning environment. However, since 2011, universities have used the term to describe course offerings geared toward a worldwide student body. Today, “MOOC” describes a range of pedagogical models. George Siemens distinguishes between “cMOOCs” which follow the original “connectivist” model and the more institutionalised and tightly structured “xMOOCs”. Despite the differences, the emergence of MOOCs as a whole poses a set of challenges to the educational community. Many of us seem to believe that MOOCs are finally delivering some of the technology-enabled change in education that we have been waiting nearly two decades for.

eLearning Papers the world’s most visited Online Education journal just released its 33rd issue entitled MOOCs and Beyond.

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Editor [Elearning.ro]

Editor [Elearning.ro]

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