A Revolution For Education?


Bucharest, 11 May 2009, commencing 19.00, Hotel Intercontinental: Cross Frontier Education is proud to announce the official launch of the „T2T Romania” Project. The guest speakers will include Dr. Sorin Oprescu, the General Mayor of Bucharest; Mrs. Diana Melnic, the Director of CCD Bucharest; Mrs. Emilia Sinov, Director of CCD Brasov; Professor. Dr. Grigore Nicola, Director of the Psychology Department, Romanian Academy; Dr. Marian Stas, President of Codecs Organisation.

The T2T Romania Project is a Cross Frontier Education (CFE) initiative in partnership with specialized educational bodies such as Inspectoratul Scolar al Municipiului Bucuresti and CCD Brasov. As well, Cross Frontier education is currently looking to build a partenrship with CCD Bucharest. 

The purpose of this ceremony is to sign the Charter of Affiliation whereby "T2T Romania" will enter into association with the directors of 70 schools in Bucharest for the purpose of enhancing teacher performance through training and improving the quality of learning via the "Teaching Today" manual of the esteemed English educator Geoff Petty. The schools are drawn from all six city sectors and they offer up for training hundreds of Bucharest teachers who in turn are responsible for the delivery of education to tens of thousands of local children.

Geoff Petty, the author of "Teaching Today" and Britain’s leading teacher trainer, informs Julian Hingley, the director of CFE that of all the educational projects he has seen, T2T Romania has the potential to make the biggest positive impact of all. He is impressed by the scale, vision and ambition of this initiative. These thoughts are similarly echoed by Sir Bernard O’Connell, the former director of Runshaw College in England.

"T2T Romania" has the ambition to situate itself permanently on the Romanian educational landscape. It is projected to be the biggest independent educational initiative of its kind to happen in this city. The "T2T Romania" vision statement shows that the project is dedicated to making a lasting qualitative and quantitative impact on the delivery and reception of teaching and learning inside Romanian schools for today and tomorrow.

The first cycle of training is scheduled to commence in the autumn of 2009 with the programme concluding in the summer of next year. The second cycle is intended to take place from 2010 to 2011, allowing new schools to participate in the project. During the programme, teachers will be introduced to fresh teaching methods and they will be encouraged to employ these approaches within their own regular classrooms. The teachers must show proof of having attempted these new approaches by maintaining a portfolio of their work and filming lessons they have conducted.

Through our launch ceremony, Cross Frontier Education will introduce this new educational initiative to the media and the widest possible audience. We wish to present what is intended to be a recyclable educational product which may have the potential to reach out on to the national map. Our guest speakers will demonstrate how the potential impact of this project can benefit thousands of Bucharest school children, with longer-term socio-economic benefits for the city and the wider nation.


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