e-Skills Week competition winners announced


As part of e-Skills Week 2010, a competition was launched to reward young people and teachers who demonstrate a commitment to ICT and excellent digital skills. European finalists from the Czech Republic, Greece, Ireland, The Netherlands, Portugal, Poland, Romania, Spain, Sweden and the United Kingdom were invited to attend the award ceremony organised on 5 March 2010 in the e-Skills week closing event Go DigITal!

The selection criteria looked at how the candidate projects and nominees had achieved innovation and excellence in their field, but also how the use of ICT could have a positive impact on society. The objective was to identify examples of good practice on how the use of ICT can benefit not only individuals, but also schools, young entrepreneurs, job-seekers, people with special needs and society as a whole.

Representatives from ACER, CEPIS, CISCO, European Schoolnet, the European Employability Alliance and Hewlett Packard presented the awards to the following lucky winners and runner-ups.

e-Skills Prize for Entrepreneurship & e-Skills 

Sponsored by CISCO
Winners: Cezar Ursan and Adrian Brudaru, ROMANIA
Project: Green Cell Phone Charger
URL: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=plws14A7-1E
Source competition: APDETIC

The Green Cell Phone Charger is a device that turns mechanical energy into electric energy and by doing so it charges a 3.7 V battery, which is used for most of the cell phones. The original prototype used a quartz based device attached to the shoe and with every step it produced electric energy which was then stored in an accumulator, which charged the cell phone battery.

Cezar and Adrian tell about their project: “We did some research and if one million people were using this product on their mobile phones (which is only 0,029% of total cell phones in the world), they would save up to 4.793.910 USD per year on energy bills and 2312,6 tons of CO2 from being  thrown into the atmosphere.“

“After the invention of the prototype we put a lot of work in Research & Development, because we want to make some major adjustments in terms of design, performance, durability and comfort.”

“We want to turn this product idea into a start-up company. We already did a market research in Romania and a business plan, and next we will finish the improved prototype of the first Green Cell Phone Charger.“

Source: e-Skills Week



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