Traditions across Europe: an Online European Project Meant to Promote Interculturality


    A new eTwinning project started in February 2008 celebrates intercultural dialogue and promotes European traditions by means of a blog which can be accessed at

    In the European year of intercultural dialogue, the eTwinning project Traditions across Europe is aiming to facilitate intercultural communication and make students and internauts familiar with national, regional and local traditions the way they are collected and perceived by the students of the partner schools involved.

    The project consists in a blog which can be accessed at, where the students and teachers of the 21 partner schools have posted and will be posting nice and interesting materials about old and new traditions in their countries, regions and towns. The materials are posted as the events take place, the project being not only a simple collection of traditions, but a blog celebrating events which are lived and being reported on from their proximity.

    Traditions across Europe started in February 2008, having celebrated so far the Italian Carnival, the Lithuanian spring festivals, Mother’s Day, Martisor Day, St. Patrick’s Day and the Catholic Easter through articles, photos, recipes, drawings, cards, audio and video files. Students’ and internauts’ message exchanges and commentaries have made our virtual space a place where cultural dialogue and communication in general are at home.

    New materials will be posted soon, so we all look forward to reading your opinions, suggestions and why not messages that you can enter in our guest book on the blog.


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