The 2013 European Child Safety Online Conference

Hosted by Microsoft and The Walt Disney Company in partnership with eNACSO and The Internet Watch Foundation,The 2013 European Child Safety Online Conference will bring together representatives from all the key stakeholder groups for a full and frank discussion on existing and future strategies to protect young people online.12th November 2013, The Renaissance Hotel, Brussels (

There is no doubt that the internet has created a wide range of beneficial opportunities for children and young people in Europe. Increasingly, European children are starting to go online at younger ages, with a recent report suggesting that the average age to start is seven.

Given these trends, policymakers and industry have a responsibility to protect children from the threats and risks that the internet may pose. From child sexual abuse to digital reputation risks, and online bullying to the accessing of inappropriate content, numerous and complex risks exist, and a multi-layered approach involving cooperation betwen all stakeholders needs to be adopted in order to tackle these.

This conference will look at current strategies to address these risks in both Europe and beyond, and look to the future and at developing an ongoing strategy to help keep children and young adults safe when they are online.

Sessions at the event will include:

  • Moving Forward: Policy-¬making to ensure child safety
  • Equipping children and parents with the digital literacy skills to help keep them safe
  • A global strategy to combat child abuse material and inappropriate content

An outline event programme:

A full programme and speaker list will be available soon, but for more information in the meantime, please contact Anne-Lise Simon on +44 (0) 2920 783 023 or

To register:

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