Price Offer – Customized eLearning Solutions

Price Offer

Customized eLearning Solutions


Our team provides the following eLearning solutions:

  1. Course planning – Instructional Design/ Scripting & Storyboarding
  2. Course development – Articulate, Captivate, Flash, HTML5
  3. Learning Management Systems


  1. Course planning – backing the content creation process.
  • providing the best solutions in terms of eContent and Learning Management Systems according to your needs;
  • adapting the learning process in order to attain the best results at an optimal price – creating a curriculum and adjusting the required attendance rate;
  • finding the right balance between eLearning and face-to-face training – blended learning;
  • adjusting the evaluation methods – reports, assessments, statistics – according to pre-established performing standards;
  • course package projection – digitalizing existing content;
  • training for platform administrators and technical support staff;
  • creating workflows for course development.


  1. eLearning course development.
  • any type of eLearning courses compliant with SCORM 2004 and AICC standards – product presentations, soft skills, Organizational Culture, entry/middle level induction management, Computer/electronic device app simulations, general health and safety measures at work, sales skills, leadership, teamwork;
  • mLearning – HTML5 courses that can be accessed from any device;
  • gamification – learners reach certain goals and win points along a course; they become more motivated and engaged in the learning process, which leads to faster memorization;

teachers can keep track of their evolution easier;

  • text/audio translations and localizations in various languages;
  • interactive app development – roleplay, 3D modelling, virtual simulations, scientific models, virtual labs.


  1. Learning Management Systems
  • assessments and feedback from learners;
  • course import and curriculum organization;
  • learners import and group organization;
  • reports and statistics management;
  • customized modules – ERP solutions integration, etc.

We offer both SaaS and On-Premise Learning Management Systems

SaaS Learning Management Systems are installed on our servers. This means that your company doesn’t need to be concerned about installing and maintaining software, as the service is cloud-based. Customers have secure remote access to the server, but don’t need to monitor it.

Costs are calculated on a monthly basis according to the number of unique visitors that access the platform. It is worth mentioning that the total number of visits and logged in users won’t be taken into account when it comes to the price.


On-Premise Learning Management Systems – one time license – the platform is hosted by the customer. Prices start at 13,500 EUR excluding VAT. This solution is recommendable to all companies that obey strict confidentiality/security rules and have an experienced IT department.

  • License payment is only required when customers first start using the platform.
  • An unlimited number of users can enroll.
  • Unlimited usage time.


Optional Services

 SaaS/On-Demand LMS

  • Developing new LMS modules or functionalities – mutually agreed upon fee.
  • Integration with the customer’s ERP/HR system or other course platforms – billed according to the amount of time required to integrate third party app.
  • Training for trainers/administrators – up to ten people per group.
  • Assistance in handling the first course – uploading the learning resources, enrolling students, evaluating their results and creating reports.
  • Support with launching the platform – uploading existent courses and users, checking if the platform is ready to use, one-day training.
  • EasyEditor integration. The program enables administrators to create eLearning courses as SCORM content packages, which include text, pictures, audio and video files.
  • Quizomatic integration. The program enables trainers to create quizzez with true/false questions and single/multiple choice answers. The order of both the questions and the possible answers can be randomized. Tests can also be generated from question pools.
  • Online email support regarding maintenance issues and updates – providing answers in 24 hours.  


We can offer free 15-day trials for admin and user accounts in order for customers to test our LMS platform.


Prices do not include VAT.

Service package prices are based on estimations. Service packages include all basic LMS functions as well as social learning tools.

Prices can range according to customers’ needs and further requests.

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