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Using templates to develop eLearning courses

  Welcome to the world of elearning development optimizations. This article will help sediment the usefulness of templates when building elearning courses. If done right, you will build a rock solid foundation with your clients, if not, you will look

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What is the best eLearning Authoring Tool?

Article 1. Core mandatory features of an eLearning Authoring Tool Welcome to our guide series for choosing the best eLearning authoring tool out there. If you are just starting to look at solutions for building elearning courses for your training

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The new student cohort and the development of digital era key competences for the twenty-first century

Introduction On 12 September, the school bells rang in Romania for the first time this year. Bucharest traffic reached catastrophic proportions, streets everywhere were full; the whole country was buzzing with the little ones, who were trotting towards schools carrying heavy

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