An online project: Mother’s Day in Europe


Partners schools in Romania, Poland and Estonia are describing how is Mother’s Day celebrated in their country (at home, in schools). The aims of this eTwinning project is to explore something new and to enrich students’ experience about international communication. Our project can be accessed at

I started my work in this project, after the invitation received from the others partner, on the eTwinning platform. I communicated with Beata Lenartowicz (Poland) and Eelika Lüll (Estonia) via email and we have changed ideas about our work. The combination of ICT work and foreign languages teaching and learning make the learning process fun and enjoyable to both pupils and teachers.

The greatest benefit for the students is the fact that through the work on the project they have the chance to examining history of celebrating Mother’s Day in our country and at the same time they learn more about this Festival from other countries. Intensive communication, shared experience and expertise inside the school and with project partners were also some of the benefits for the teachers.

The students and the teachers involved in our project come from different European countries – Poland, Romania, Italy, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Estonia, Great Britain, Latvia, Spain, Sweden. They all worked on our common project very successfully. This project help us to know each other better; the cooperation with our partner schools gives our students the opportunity to become a little bit more familiar with another culture – in the most countries involved in this project, the Mother’s Day is celebrated in May; in Romania, we celebrate the Mother’s Day on 8 March. Our pupils have enjoyed this project very much, so have the teachers. We are very proud that we have contributed to promote the friendship between more nations.

The pupils have created ingenious works: PowerPoint presentations, videos, drawings, games. At the same time, English was used as a means of communication and transferring knowledge to the students of the other schools.

All the colleagues who had worked with our students on Mother’s Day materials have been involved in this project. The students of other classes made a lot of paintings that were used in the illustrations of the Power Point presentations. My pupils have prepared a Show for their MOTHERS and they have presented our work in this project (using video-projector, laptop, Internet). Their mothers have appreciated all that they done. I also extended the project in Arges county by inviting another Romanians school from Campulung town -exchanging some materials (pictures, photos) about this Celebration

My school has benefited through the children’s enthusiasm. ICT is an exciting vehicle to enhance all curricular areas. The work presented was very carefully selected and carried out with a lot of interest from all the members involved. The school community was informed about the “existence” of a very innovative project and new horizons were opened to our students. Through the eTwinning project our school activities became known in our area as well as in the communities of the other cities involved.

All partners involved in this project have decided to continue our work in this project with materials concerning the Celebration of Saint Mary.

We are very proud when we are looking to the map of visitors for our blog!

For this project we was awarded with Quality Label and European Quality Label.
We invite you to visit our blog and to send us yours opinions!


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